As the staircase specialist, our services can be categorised into three sections, namely: Staircase Completely Built-Up (CBU), Staircase Re-design and Staircase Refurbish.

Staircase Completely Built-Up (CBU)

For this type of service, we help house or property owners to turn their dream staircase from design to reality. Starting from zero, we build the whole staircase up, which includes the structure of the staircase, the steps and the railings. The whole process usually takes about two to three months, depending on the site conditions and materials availability.

Staircase Re-design

Most of the time, there is already an existing staircase done by previous owner or developer. What we can help is to change the design of the staircase to make it better. It could be the going in or coming out directions of the staircase, or the railing materials and design. By just doing some slight changes, it could turn the whole staircase outlook to a very stylish and elegant feel. This is also the most cost effective way of upgrading an existing staircase and the delivery time could be as short as one week.

Staircase Refurbish

For those who have nostalgic memories of their existing staircases, they may choose to refurbish them, and maintain the look and feel of it. This is usually the case when the mentioned staircase was built with long lasting materials that can be revived. As the staircase specialist, we will access the staircase to check the suitability before doing any kind of refurbishment. Nevertheless, we have done quite a few works of this kind with great success and everyone is satisfied with the results.