The VS Interior Decor Distinction

We Create Staircases That Speak The Language of Beauty, Creativity and Functionality

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

That’s how important is a staircase, which is often overlooked by many people. Staircase if designed and constructed beautifully with care, creativity and functionality can bring out the personality of your home and business. At VS Interior Décor, we know exactly how to transform stairs that seem ordinary to extraordinary, or create stairs that suit your taste. We ensure our process is time and cost saving, from start to finish.

Quality Design & Services

Our 20 Years of Proven Stairs Record

Whether it is quality, durability, beauty or functionality, our works are time-tested and have won the hearts and mind of our clients. Our stairs are meticulously and practically built with your needs in mind.



Our commitment to quality reflects the hallmark of our services. We just don’t build but also give you consultation on how best the staircase can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or office.



From ordinary to extraordinary, from nothing to something to talk about. That’s the unsurpassed commitment in all our “design and build” staircases. In short, we go the extra mile.



We bring to you about 20 years of proven stairs record. Every process is meticulously planned and implemented from start to finish. No multiple vendors. Just us to get it done with ease.



Why much hassle when our dedicated team can do it all? From design, construct to implementation, your satisfaction and results matter most to us.


Come Explore And Talk to Us

No matter you are an interior designer or a home owner, do talk to us about your unique staircase design requirements. We go the extra mile in developing custom solutions that far surpasses the needs of clients.